Beginning of Time

What's the blog all about?

I'm writing this blog to document my adventures with the Freescale FRDM K64F. There is not a whole lot of literature on how to get up and running with these powerful little dev boards and I am trying to fill that gap. Erich Styger's mcuoneclipse is a great resource for more advanced uses of the Freescale Freedom Boards, but the information needed to go from an Arduino or MSP430 to the a Freedom Board isn't quite there.

This doesn't look like typical blogging software, what is it?

I use the Ghost blog publishing platform which I self-host on DigitalOcean. Ghost lives in a docker container which is managed by CoreOS - eventually I'll have a post explaining how I set all of this up.

What's up with the post title?

Beginning of Time

My favorite initial commit message, 'hello world' and 'first commit' have never appealed to me!