Self-Hosting Bitwarden without SMTP

Bitwarden provides docker images to self-host an open-source version of the Bitwarden server. After recent updates to the Bitwarden client which broke compatiblity with rubywarden the official image is a viable option despite requiring mssql.

However, to unlock Premium features the self-hosted version must have a "verified" e-mail address. Unfortunately, this requires setting up an SMTP relay or taking the self-hosted server onto the internet.

Fortunately, the "verification" is just a bit in the MSSQL tables, which can be trivially set without the need to click a verification e-mail link!

  1. Find the unique password for the bitwarden mssql server
$ cat bwdata/env/mssql.override.env 
  1. Launch a shell in the mssql server docker container
sudo docker exec -it bitwarden-mssql /bin/bash
  1. Launch the mssql client
root@5223f3f519cc:/opt/mssql-tools/bin# ./sqlcmd -S -U sa -P <key>
  1. Find the user who needs verified
USE master
SELECT Name, Email, EmailVerified FROM [User]
  1. Update the EmailVerified field
UPDATE [User] SET EmailVerified = 1 WHERE [User].Name="<Name>"
  1. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the web interface

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